Get a Ref

So you need a ref for your rugby match —  Here’s  how you go about getting one from the Northern California Referee Society.

It is the home team’s responsibility to ensure that a referee is available for their games. All games – high school, collegiate, men’s 1st, 2nd, 3rd division, and women’s – leading to a national championship (i.e. all league games) require a USA Rugby certified referee.

During the regular season, the Referee Society has a master list of all games scheduled in Northern California and assigns referees to these games usually several days before the start of each month.  If you have a game not on the schedule, notify Pete Smith.

Northern California teams are each charged a $50 per game referee fee. For games with teams from outside of California, the home team is charged $100 per game. Clubs are billed in December for the coming season and fees are due at that time. If the Society does not provide referees for all matches paid, the Club receives a refund. Clubs with overdue fees will not be provided referees. For your current referee fee status contact Dan Wilson.