Referee Fees

Society referees assigned to matches by the NCRRS are eligible to be paid $40 per match. Those desiring to be paid for their services must submit a completed NCRRS referee agreement to the Treasurer ( and complete an Assignr match report for each respective game.

Match Fees
Northern California teams are each charged a $50 per side per game referee fee. For games with teams from outside of California, the home team is charged $100 per game.  Tournament fees are listed further below.

Clubs are billed in December for the coming season and fees are due at that time. In the event a referee is not provided for a match, the Society will refund the Club(s). Matches involving Club(s) with overdue fees will not be assigned referees.

The referee fees for the 2014-2015 season are $50 per side per match. Fees are calculated by multiplying the number of games your team plays by $50. This includes all league, non-league, “friendly”, B-side, etc. matches regardless if they are “Home” or “Away”.

Teams hosting matches involving teams not located in Northern California Rugby Referee Society area are responsible for the visiting team’s fees (i.e., the host pays for all non-Northern California teams).

A check or money order for fees should be made payable to “Northern California Rugby Referee Society” and sent with a copy of your team’s schedule of games. Teams must also email their schedule(s) in a spreadsheet(s) using the games template to

Payment received by the NCRRS after February 1, may be subject to a $100 administrative fee. Fees considered “past due” may result in the NCRRS sanctioning the team by not assigning a referee to any further of team’s home or away matches (i.e., League, Non-League, or Tournament) until the fee is paid in full.

Note: Teams currently with an outstanding balance from previous seasons must immediately contact Dan Wilson (

Send payment and schedule to:

Dan Wilson
511 Omaha Ave
Clovis, CA 93619

Questions regarding billing invoices should be addressed to Dan Wilson (

Referee Pricing for Tournaments
No two tournaments are the same. Number of games, length of games, all vary. Where there is an eight team tournament, referee charges will be equal to the entry fee of one team. At present this is the upper limit, the maximum charge. So a twelve team tournament’s charge is also equal to one teams entry fee. Your honesty is implicit here. We trust you! If a tournament had less than eight teams, say six teams, the charge will be pro rata (e.g. 75% of a teams entry fee). A four team tournament would attract a charge of 50% of a team’s entry fee.

Delinquent Club Fees
The Society’s position, which the Northern California Rugby Union supports, is that any home team which is delinquent on their fees forfeits the match. If we have a referee available we may cover the match, for the benefit of the visiting team, but the home team will be reported as the loser of the match regardless of the outcome. If your club is in arrears with the Referees Society, any games that are played, are subject to forfeit even if you win the game. This may harm your chances of advancing in this season’s championships.

Referee Reimbursements
Before incurring large expenditures, such as airfares, Society Board of Director approval is required.