NCRRS Annual General Meeting

November 7, 2015 all-day
UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley
Cronk Room, Simpson Center for Student Athlete High Performance
2227 Piedmont Ave. Berkeley, CA. 94720

The entrance of the Simpson center (aka Gate 4) is on Piedmont, just north of the International House (I-House). Go through the gate and to the glass doors. There will be a monitor there to let you in those doors as they are security doors. Turn left in the hallway and the Cronk Room is the second room on the left.

North end of the stadium at the new Maxwell Lot on the corner of Piedmont and Stadium Rim Way. The entrance is on Piedmont at the North end of the Simpson Center/Stadium.

You may find free parking on Berkeley city streets that early in the day. The streets are Bancroft alongside the I-House, Bancroft across and down from the I-House. Warring St., Channing Way, Prospect, Dwight Way.

Find parking first before those of you who will be doing the beep test walk up the hill to Witter Rugby Field.

The tournament will start at 9 a.m. The beep testing should be done in plenty of time to get started.

Fitness Testing
The day will begin promptly @ 8:00 AM with the first installment of our fitness testing. Please arrive early to warm up. We will be completing the beep on Witter field. Be early to warm up. All referees are encouraged to participate. Those referees wishing to be in consideration for future National assignments should complete the testing. A continental breakfast will be available after the testing.

The AGM will commence @ 9:00 with elections of the board. The current board members (Pete Smith, Preston Gordon, Scott Wood, and Paul Bretz) have indicated they are willing and able to continue in their current roles. Tom Zanarini’s move has created a vacancy that will need to be filled. Society members Tim Lew, James Hinkin, and George O’Neil have expressed a desire to run for the vacant position. Other members of the society are encouraged to put their names forward for consideration.

All members of the society are encouraged to attend and participate in the election of board members. Any society member not able to participate in the AGM can designate a society member to be his/her proxy. The society member attending the meeting on behalf of the principal must have a signed declaration stating that the proxy is voting on behalf of the absent member.

Society Reports
President’s Report — Submitted by Paul Bretz

Exchange Report — Submitted by Bjorn Stumer
Bjorn has asked the board to find another society member to be the exchange officer. The society thanks Bjorn for his years of service as the exchange officer. The new board will identify an exchange officer in the coming weeks.

Financial Report (still being prepared by outgoing Treasure Jim Crenshaw and incoming Treasure Dan Wilson)
This past summer Jim Crenshaw expressed a desire for the board to identify a new treasure. The board appointed Dan Wilson as the new Treasure in September. Jim and Dan have been working to transition the financial responsibilities over to Dan. The society thanks Jim for his tireless efforts to maintain the books for so many years.

As a way to expedite the payment of referees on a monthly basis the treasure will be setting up direct deposits of referee fees to your personal bank accounts. Please provide the following information to Dan Wilson via email (

  • Current personal Address
  • Bank address of the account you want to use for your direct deposit
  • Routing number of your account
  • Bank account number

If you are concerned about submitting this information electronically bring a voided check to the AGM and give Dan the voided check with the information above noted on the check.

Assignments Reports (being prepared by Pete Smith)

Referee Development Report — Submitted by Vicky Hudson

Referee Promotion (being prepared by Mike Malone)

Website and Assignr Report — Submitted by Scott Wood

There will be a training session on the ins and outs of the online classes and Google products that we have access to. Please bring your laptop, smartphone, or tablet device to the meeting to facilitate a productive session. The training session will also be streamed on our youtube channel for those not able to join the AGM. The stream will begin approximately @ 10:00 AM. Here’s a link to the stream feed: