Meeting Notes


Meeting Notes is a repository of information provided during meetings of the Northern California Rugby Referee Society. We make this available to all in the hopes that everyone can enjoy and learn from it. This is not to say the product we produce (or reproduce without permission and definitely not for profit) is the only way to do things--just one of many ways.

Some presentations are also available as video podcasts (viewable in iTunes). Due to limited space, podcasts are only available for a short period of time (months?).

January 8, 2008 "Tackle/No Tackle--Laws 14 & 15"
1. Quiz (pdf)
2. Refereeing the Tackle (ppt)
2a. Handout (pdf)
2b. Podcast Part 1
2c. Podcast Part 2
3. Materiality of Tackle Infringements -- Podcast
3a. Materiality Tackle Scenes -- Podcast
3b. Tackle Diagram (no players) (pdf)
3c. Tackle Superiority Diagram (pdf)
4. What the Observers/Evaluators Observe (ppt)

December 4, 2007 "During the Match"
1. Quiz (pdf)
2a. Bruce Carter's article on Head Injuries (doc)
2b. Dealing with Injuries (ppt) -- Podcast
3. IRB Paper on Advantage (pdf)
4. Canada Paper on Game Management (pdf)
5. Paul Bretz' presentation on Playing Advantage with Materiality (ppt) -- Podcast

October 13, 2007 "Before The Match"
1. Quiz (pdf)
2. Mental Preparation (pdf)
3. Mental Skills for Rugby Referees (pdf)
4. Mental Skills for Rugby Players (pdf)
5. Performing Under Pressure (pdf)
6. Scrum Engagement Position (pdf)
7. Energy Chart (pdf)

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